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Project Avocado Part 5, Show me already!


Here it is; the first (mostly) functional alpha build of Project Avocado. There’s about 3 hours in it at the moment**. Most of that is setting things up; Reserve it in the Microsoft Store. Setup a OneDrive OAuth (for backup and restore). App Center (anonymous metrics and crash reporting). Creating an IAP (In App Purchase).…

Project Avocado Pt 4, Tools of the Trade


When I was first getting started developing, I used almost nothing in the way of tools to help me. The sheer abundance of choice had me paralyzed. Well, after a couple of years I have a veritable tool belt which I use most, if not every, day. I thought i’d share these with you and…

Project Avocado Pt 2, where to start.

(Part 1; I am not your Guru, is here.) Lets begin with me saying Thank you, for your patience: Thank you. I know there was a delay between the idea of documenting this and now but here we go. So, what is it? A simple, local, affordable markdown editor. Wait, what? Yeah, so the idea…