Introducing Spoons

We’ve been poking around a number of concepts here at Valley Software over recent months.

On top of updates to Easy Writer, Master Brewer, Handwriting Practice and more, we have now released Spoons in the Google Play Store for Android!

Spoons was designed around the request from a close friend of mine who suffers chronic pain. In a way, this is very much in the DNA of Valley Software, as we focus on people’s mental and physical wellbeing along with creative expression.

They had found the Spoons method of managing pain in hindsight, but hadn’t been able to apply it as a plan for days ahead or as a recording system to work with their medical professionals.

So we worked together to make Spoons as fast, simple and effective as possible, knowing that in these cases all energy is precious.

As with all things health related; privacy is a big concern. So keeping you, the customer, at heart; all data is kept on your device (not cloud) and we made it paid (one off purchase) to support a 100% advertising and marketing free experience.

We’d love your Feedback on Spoons, which can be submitted at our Feedback Page.

With your feedback we can prioritise features and enhancements for version 2 of this already popular app.

For those interested in the technical backend of things; Spoons is made with Xamarin Forms in C# with a local SQLite Database.

Valley Software.