Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy V2.02 for Cloud based Solutions

Welcome to the Valley Software Terms, Conditions and Privacy policy for Cloud Based solutions.

Apps and related services included in this policy

  • Easy Writer
  • Kanban Ink

These apps do not include Advertising. Valley Software shares no data from these applications with advertisers.

Anonymous Metrics:
Valley Software applications include anonymised metrics, collected either:

  • Automatically by the Microsoft Store
  • Automatically by the Google Play Store
  • By App Center Analytics
  • by the OAuth identity provider

Security / OAUTH:
These applications use OAUTH security for signing data and logging in and out of the applications.
Valley Software has no OAUTH of it’s own, and uses one of the following 3 industry standard providers:

  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • Google

You can see which applies to you at the sign in prompt of your app.
Maintaining the security of this sign in information is the customers responsibility.

Refunds are handled by Microsoft and Google respectively; Please refer to their respective policies.

Canceling a Subscription
You can cancel a subscription from the Microsoft and Google stores (where your subscription was purchased) in line with their procedures.

Azure Data Storage:
These cloud apps all utilise Microsoft Azure for cloud data hosting. Data is either backed up, centralised and or synchronised via Azure services.

Legal expectations for Customer:
The customer is required to follow legal requirements for country of residence. Valley Software takes no responsibility for the data stored in either the applications or the back end Azure cloud services.

Software Availability and Removal:
Software and it’s related data/services can be disabled or shut down at any time without notice.

Liability for Data Breach and/or Data Loss:
Security of data is maintained by OAUTH security from an identity provider as outlined previously.
Valley Software takes no responsibility for any loss or damages incurred by data loss, theft, tampering or otherwise accessed.

All other Liability:
Valley Software takes no other responsibility for loss or damages in any way incurred or implied within or outside the application.

Up time and system availability:
Valley Software, Microsoft and the OAUTH identity providers work to provide the maximum availability for their services. There can/will be interruptions however these will be minimised as much as possible.

Changes to this policy:
Changes to this policy can be made at any time, for any reason.

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By using any or all of the above applications you (customer) agree to this policy and any future versions of.

Last Update: 29th of October 2019