Simple PoS – Roadmap

Unfortunately; Simple PoS has been discontinued.

We love your feedback to help shape Simple PoS into the future so have your say.

Use this page to see known issues but also the road map of feature additions and updates.

Please note; this road map is subject to change and is a guide only.

Latest Release:

  • Add Custom Colors to sale items for better visibility.
  • Made available to all versions of Windows 10 (Used to require Creators Update or better)

Features expected in next release:

  • Further Help development.
  • Enforce Sale Items Names.

Features being explored for subsequent releases:

  • Completely offline single install version along side the current Azure one.
  • Themes for UI.
  • A sync detail page.
  • Better Sounds.
  • Auto Login.
  • Animation for History Visibility transition.
  • Store Credits.
  • Vouchers.
  • Receipt Printers (as opposed to regular printers which are already supported)
  • Pole Displays.
  • Stock Management.
  • Live Tile of current receipts.
  • Reports Management
  • Full offline mode.
  • Take payment directly within the app.

Known Issues in current version:

  • None at the current time.