What you don’t know can’t *help* you part 2; Microsoft Store Badges

Welcome to part two of “you don’t know, what you don’t know”

(see part 1 here)

Today; lets work on user acquisition.

Which looks better?


Get Kanban Ink for free, at the Microsoft Store here

or this:

I am no web developer, believe me. I’m also not best in class for UI design. So you’ll be SHOCKED to know I didn’t make that second one!

Microsoft have super simple web tools to make these for your apps in the Microsoft Store.


All you need is your App ID (in Product Identity of Partner Center for your app) and it does the rest.

There are a couple or formats to select from. Go give them a look.

Until next time,
Valley Software.

Easy Writer – Do you love toast?

Small update for Easy Writer this week;

We have tidied up some images which were not displaying the way I wanted.

More importantly though, I have added Toast notifications!

Now, each day you will (if turned on, it’s in Settings) a notification if you haven’t opened Easy Writer.

Headed into store now.

Easy Writer – New Freature: Auto Save.

From your feedback, I have completed adding an Autosave feature to Easy Writer.

If you look closely, you’ll see the AutoSave indicator fade in and out again in the top corner.

It’s minimal, so as not to be distracting, but should be a reassuring reminder as you create.

AutoSave happens every 2 minutes while in Edit mode.

Releasing to store this week!


Voyer Fluent Preview

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is about to be released; as such it’s a good time to show Voyer’s new version!

Note; the cleaner background and material effects, transparent header for less lost space, and a new Insta-Style Thread List (configurable; you can go back to the traditional one if you wish).

Other bug fixes are also included and a newly compiled FFMPEG for improved decoding WEBM media.

Sadly; FCU isn’t being released onto Mobile at the same time as PC, so while this build is Mobile Capable; it won’t be available to Mobile users until that Windows 10 OS update is released to those devices.

We Developers are still waiting on Microsoft to release the real, permanent decelopment packs for Fluent and Fall Creators Update (we are working with pre-release versions) but there are few changes expected.  Big change will be that currently the store does not allow us to submit apps targeting FCU yet.

After this version is released, we plan to roll back many of the improvements to the available Anniversary update for Mobile users too.