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Project Avocado Pt 10, The debug perspective


I’ve had an issue with Avocado Writer. It only looks right on the latest and greatest version of Windows, 1803. This is not a common build. Normally I target 1703 (Fall Creators Update). When I try to use the older versions though with Avocado Writer, the UI loses its mind. So I had to make…

Project Avocado Part 9, Dude, where’s my ad?


This will be a quick entry, but you may have noticed that although Avocado Writer is free with ads, and there is an IAP to remove said ads, there um.. Well, there are no ads. I don’t know why, I’ve had my other apps work with their ad units within minutes of them being setup.…

Project Avocado Part 8, Steal and plant that damn tree


(Just meeting Project Avocado now? Check out Part 1; I am not your Guru, here) At the time of writing this, I have released Project Avocado and released two updates in the two days since. This means I can tell you how long it took to build. 10 hours. Now, that’s not a lot. However…

Project Avocado Part 7, the backlog and pipeline


If you’re anything like me, (and even if you’re not) you need to not rely on your memory for things you are putting in your backlog. Things you try to remember will Get forgotten Become rubbery and unfocused Prevent you from being able to focus. So it’s important to have a list. It has to…