Valley Software is a startup based in a beautiful little corner of Australia called Tasmania, which is known for its pristine natural landscape, air and water.

We believe in the beauty of simplicity and a better world through simple changes.

Our flagship app is Easy Writer, a clean, elegant writing app built for Windows 10 featuring automatic cloud backup and sync.

Our personal development apps focus on self improvement through simple steps like Repetition and habit building with Chains and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Thought Valley. Simple, small changes to improve our lives.

We specialise in Windows 10 App development targeting both PC and Mobile devices for consistent, productive experiences utilising the latest tools and industry leading Azure cloud services which deliver what you need, where ever you are, seamlessly.

We have also recently branched out into Android development with Spoons available now in the Google Play store.

With new appĀ development along side updates to existing apps Valley Software looks to become a long termĀ partner, supporting you every day.

Valley Software.