Project Avocado Pt 10, The debug perspective

“Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view” – Yoda

I’ve had an issue with Avocado Writer.

It only looks right on the latest and greatest version of Windows, 1803. This is not a common build. Normally I target 1703 (Fall Creators Update).

When I try to use the older versions though with Avocado Writer, the UI loses its mind. So I had to make it ONLY available to 1803, cutting back the prospective user base significantly (remember what I said about going wide back in part 3? This doesn’t fit that ideal at all).

What’s wrong? Having used some new components (Primarily WinUI for Tab Control and some other things) I assumed the issue was in there. I put out a few calls for help and Twitter came to the rescue with offers of help.

I had two people help me by trialing first Avocado Writer, and then a super cut back project that I thought should exhibit the same behaviour.

Except, it didn’t. The test project, unlike Avocado, worked flawlessly.

That can only mean one thing; it’s not the components, it’s something I did.


I looked over it for some time, but didn’t see the issue. I was too close to it.

To debug you see, you often need to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and walk away. Let your subconscious work and regain an unbiased perspective.

The ‘zone’, so helpful in developing, also gives you blinkers. Step away from that.

Good for me, I had a day off today and spent it with my lovely young family in the spring air and sunshine.

In the evening, I was in the shower when the problem jumped into my head. Why does it not work?

Nope, go back. What’s the issue? It only works on 1803.

How did you stuff that up?

No, wrong question.

OK, then, How would I do that if I needed to for some reason.

Well, I’d reference a namespace in the XAML specific to 1803 OMG I DID THAT AND FORGOT ABOUT IT.

I have no idea who this is.

Because I love every one of you, I have written this post BEFORE fixing my error.

Thank you again to everyone who reached out and helped.