Project Avocado Part 7, the backlog and pipeline

If you’re anything like me, (and even if you’re not) you need to not rely on your memory for things you are putting in your backlog.

Things you try to remember will

  • Get forgotten
  • Become rubbery and unfocused
  • Prevent you from being able to focus.

So it’s important to have a list. It has to be easy to get to and also not distracting (or what’s the point? Remember we want to focus)

Here is my Kanban board for Project Avocado:

Note how the backlog is hidden All those things from the previous post (and more) are in it but it is not visible all the time. This is not an accident or space saving measure. The only tasks I want to see are the ones in progress and the upcoming ones (To Do).

Also I tag priorities so when I re-assess what goes where and plan my work I can quickly get organised.

You can do this any way you like. A whiteboard is a good option (although KanbanInk is free….), so are sticky notes or even to do lists. Use what ever works for you. For me, I can be working anywhere so physical lists while visual and helpful are not really an option.

The out take is this; work on your priorities and don’t use up precious concentration on remembering your backlog.

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