Sun sets on two apps

There comes a time when some apps simply haven’t had the reception you might have liked.

In this case, it is for Screen Stitch and Background Studio.

Screen Stitch started well and was created to fill a gap in the store offerings.  Since then it has been surpassed by other products and even with a significant re-write recently to use OCR instead of image scanning which made it instantaneous; it had lost that momentum.  This is OK; as like I say there is a really good set of products available now in store.

Background Studio is a little different; I created this in my spare time as I didn’t like the limitations around setting backgrounds on Windows Mobile.  It was really an app for my personal use that I decided to release and see if anyone wanted it.  Short version; they didn’t!

So with the time required for other projects I have decided to walk these two apps into the sunset.  They will be removed from the store over the next 24 hours.

We look forward to utilizing the time captured from this move to continue development on Simple PoS, Chains, Thought Valley, Voyer for 4chan, Charged, and Punt for Product Hunt as well as other new products.

Valley Software.