Voyer; Windows Store Issues


I have a less happy post today.  Sadly Voyer has (hopefully temporarily) run afoul of the Windows App Store approval process.

It happened following my latest update; which none of you will have seen yet due to this issue, last week.  I presume it was caused by that and not a complaint but am not sure either way.

The disagreement is over 4chans content, which is admittedly not for everyone to say the least.  It is a particular community with its own lexicon, values (so to speak) and style.

And to be clear; Valley Software take no responsibility or accountability for that content or how wonderful or offensive it may be.  It’s content and it isn’t ours.

My purpose with Voyer is merely to assist with making the freedom the internet provides accessible.  There will be good and bad, as indeed there is in all areas of society.

We have had issues in the past with the App Store certification process regarding this, but we have always found a middle ground.  The default “Safe-Ish” mode in Voyer along with it’s adult rating in store as just two examples.  Also these past incidents have only ever applied to preventing updates from going through approval while leaving the previous version app available.

In this case though, Voyer has been completely removed from store.  This prevents download, upgrade, feedback submission and donations along with visibility of the store listing itself.

I am attempting to remedy this with the certification team but I have not received any response yet to my multiple enquiries.

I have faith that we will come to an agreement again and return Voyer to store but I cannot say when that could be.

I apologise for any inconvenience and I will continue working on this restoration; Voyer has built a large and passionate following.

Valley Software.