Build what you need

Well, having my new laptop which actually HAS a battery life rather than being a portable PC, I found myself working away and then putting it onto the charger, waiting for it to recharge ready for the next break.

Rather than check it all the time, I decided I need a tool; Just something to ping me on my mobile where ever I was, what ever I was doing, when my laptop was ready.

Considering Windows 10 now syncs notifications across devices it seems simple enough; so I built a new app called Charged.

It’s super simple.  It’s just a battery monitor that sends a toast notification when the it reaches 100% charge.  I decided to post it to the store as it can be used across Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and also HoloLens.  Which ever device needs charging.

Free for download and use, maybe it can be useful to someone else too

Valley Software