Simple PoS – Feature complete.

We may not have hit the target of release by the end of June, but we have got there in spirit at least.

Simple PoS is, as of the 30th June 2017, feature complete!

What does that mean?  That means that all the Version 1 scope of functionality (yes, there are plans for even more value in Version 1.1!) has been built and tested.  Majority of the bugs ironed out and User Interface is matching the spec.

So, why no release?  Well; there will be further pressure testing, some minor tweaks and also the Help Files are now in progress.  When Simple PoS is released we intend to have a series of getting started videos which will get added to over time with helpful tutorials as requested.

If it’s worth doing; it’s worth doing well.

Help files and marketing screen shots require the finished application so these had to wait until last.

So, we are near the finish line now!  I can’t wait to release in the next few weeks on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 S.

Valley Software.