In the Lab: Voyer (downloads and more)

Currently completed for the next release of Voyer:


  • Green Text: as requested Green Text is an integral part of 4chan, so I have finished setting the colour coding in comment text as appropriate.
  • Fixed issue where if a thread doesn’t load, it might not refresh either. Now it can tell there was an issue and re-try.


  • Faster Downloads: When saving WEBM video, Voyer will now first check if it has cached the file and if so copy it to your save folder.  If it doesn’t already exist in cache then it will download it as normal.
  • Better Download Naming: Downloaded files were named after the Reply Number, now they are (correctly) named with the same file name as the original.
  • Improved Download UI: Now when downloading a WEBM, the thinking and thumbnail image no longer interrupt your viewing and it downloads in the background giving a toast notification when finished.
  • Improved Download All: Like individual downloads, when you press Download All, you are no longer required to wait for the downloads to finish.  They happen in the background (with Toast notifications on each completion) even if you navigate to a different thread or board!

More to come for the next release at the end of this month,