Pinnie becomes Pins for Pinterest and enteres a quiet release phase.

“Pinnie”, my shelved Pinterest client has just become Pins for Pinterest and been uploaded as a concept to the Windows Store for Windows 10 devices.

The name change was necessary as some months ago another app was released with a startlingly similar name.

Pins for Pinterest is hidden from search, but available on request at the moment as it is still fairly early in development.  I am however allowing access to it by request.

So, what is Pins for Pinterest and why?

Pins for Pinterest is a 3rd party companion Pinterest app for Windows 10 devices.  Simple board and pin browsing using the Pinterest API, not a web wrapper or web scraper.  This limits it in some ways (the Pinterest AP doesn’t allow public searching, or even access to private boards!) but also gives it the power to interact via a Share Target and Set As Background/Lock Screen.

Also this simplicity will also be beneficial on Xbox.

It’s free (ad support and donation) and if well received will become more public in future.

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