In the Lab: Simple PoS

I have been quiet on here for the past couple of months.  But there’s been much activity behind the scenes.

We are preparing to release our next, and biggest, app to date; Simple PoS.

Our target is a late June 2017 public release, so watch this space.  Now that we are close I feel it is appropriate to start giving peaks into the Valley Software lab.

Simple PoS is an Azure Hosted, always available Point of Sale system aimed at micro and small businesses for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Everything in Simple PoS is built with simplicity in mind.  That goes from the interface to management and even to the pricing model.

You can install Simple PoS, sign in with your Microsoft account (which you already have for the store, so no sign up with Valley Software or other parties) and be up and running in under 60 seconds, no commitment or purchase required.

You have 100 transaction trial period, which should be plenty to see how Simple PoS can work for you.  Again, no sign up or commitment.

Then, when you decide to purchase it is by monthly subscription, with no outright software purchase.  Even this subscription is purchased through the Microsoft App Store using In App Purchase.  It’s as easy as purchasing upgrades in a store game.

Being designed from the ground up for Windows Universal you can install and use Simple PoS on up to 3 Windows 10, Windows S and Windows 10 Mobile devices at once with just one license.

Simple PoS.  Simple, safe, available anywhere.

Valley Software.