Voyer Continues to develop with version 2.4.1 hitting store today.

Version 2.4.1 of Voyer builds on existing functionality and adds usability improvements plus a major overhaul of WEBM video handling.

  • GIF now play when viewing the thread or board lists.
  • Image only view has increased Image size and resolution for improved browsing.
  • Full Screen video and images! (*the ad banner goes away with donation)
  • Video is now pre-loading (2 video’s ahead. Beware this will increase data use!)
  • Vastly improved WEBM video loading and reliability.
  • In Board view (list of Threads) changed to load image thumbnails first, then full resolution images. (used to be just thumbnails).
  • Fixed issue where video was being downloaded twice! Should see improvements in speed and fewer errors.
  • Temp video cache increased from just that session to 7 days to save re-downloading. Stored in Application Temp for automatic cleanup by system if required.
  • GIF playback improved.
  • Full screen text view removed as it was not valuable and caused swipe issues, too
    Instead of full screen text view, the list of posts now has a simpler ‘more text’ mode with a single tap anywhere on the post to expand and shrink.
  • Tapping on the image in the list of posts now opens in a more streamlined full screen image/video only view.
  • Project WEBM video re-introduced.
  • Auto play WEBM turned off, due to per-caching.