Voyer Continues to develop with version 2.4.1 hitting store today.

Version 2.4.1 of Voyer builds on existing functionality and adds usability improvements plus a major overhaul of WEBM video handling.

  • GIF now play when viewing the thread or board lists.
  • Image only view has increased Image size and resolution for improved browsing.
  • Full Screen video and images! (*the ad banner goes away with donation)
  • Video is now pre-loading (2 video’s ahead. Beware this will increase data use!)
  • Vastly improved WEBM video loading and reliability.
  • In Board view (list of Threads) changed to load image thumbnails first, then full resolution images. (used to be just thumbnails).
  • Fixed issue where video was being downloaded twice! Should see improvements in speed and fewer errors.
  • Temp video cache increased from just that session to 7 days to save re-downloading. Stored in Application Temp for automatic cleanup by system if required.
  • GIF playback improved.
  • Full screen text view removed as it was not valuable and caused swipe issues, too
    Instead of full screen text view, the list of posts now has a simpler ‘more text’ mode with a single tap anywhere on the post to expand and shrink.
  • Tapping on the image in the list of posts now opens in a more streamlined full screen image/video only view.
  • Project WEBM video re-introduced.
  • Auto play WEBM turned off, due to per-caching.

Shower thought; Used to being lonely

One interesting thing about developing for the Windows Store, is that you get used to doing it alone.

Make no mistake; I also see this as one key reason to persist with the store!  It’s one of my secret weapons.

As the store is far less crowded than the Apple Store and Google Play, it’s easier to get noticed.  All be it, by a much smaller base.

If I were developing for the other stores, I’d be finding it a lot harder to get noticed.

So what has this got to do with being lonely?  Not just that I’m normally the only person in the startup space I sometimes go to not using an Apple laptop.  It also means that I have become slightly spoiled with being the only app or an app with a clear key differentiator.

Take Voyer for instance.  When I started developing that I thought there were no UWP 4chan apps in the store.  Turns out there was at least 2. I did know about the Windows Phone 8.1 app but that’s a different kettle of fish.

So the whole development process was obvious why I was making it; to add that to the eco system (particularly as Mobile ARM devices could not render WEBM so couldn’t even browse 4chan in Edge).

Having multiple other apps to chose from (including one added since Voyer) has certainly helped push me to continue developing and improving.  I don’t want to be the only choice; I want to be the BEST choice.  I want to improve me, and what I can make, every week.

Then you have something like Pinnie for Pinterest.  Once I saw another app come out I felt somewhat deflated in my purpose for it, and in fact am still not sure weather to finish it or not. There are so many other apps vying for attention.

But the reality is that the store, and the experience for people using Windows Devices, are both improved by having a choice.  Can I release an app knowing that it might not be the best in the store?  No one wants to aim for mediocrity but it’s also a little silly to give up without a fight.

Reality is; different people will prefer different apps and designs.  Also the store is better for competition, if I dare call it that.  Lets keep putting them out there.

Voyer 2.3.2 submitted to store today.

Don’t let the small version number change or short list of changes fool you, there is lots to love in this new version!

Following feedback I’ve focused on two primary requests:

  1. Jump-To-Post.  You can now click on a post number being replied to and Voyer will either scroll to it if in the post list, or change to it (complete with back navigation) if you are in the single post view.
  2. Show replies.  Now when you view a post in the post list, you can drop down an automatic list of all the replies to that post in the thread.  There’s something you can’t do in the 4chan web site!

Both are shown in the following pair of screen shots (light theme, red accent, for a change of pace).


It’s in the submission stage now with Microsoft, so all things going well it should start showing up in your app store and updates in the next 48 hours.

As always, I love your feedback and suggestions!  Keep them coming.

Valley Software.

What’s in the Lab for Valley Software

This last week I released a bug fix version of Chains.  Just minor updates to both the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Universal packages around dark/light themes support.

Also, I’ve been playing with the layout of post list in Voyer.  Unfortunately after a few days work proved to be one of those ideas which just didn’t work out and thus; I’ve rolled it back.

Oh well!  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Still in progress for Voyer’s next release is:

  • DONE: Jump-To-Post from single post view
  • TODO: JumpTo-Post when in the Post List (scroll)
  • TODO: Show replies to Post (wow!)