Voyer V2.1.6. Today’s the day.

It’s been a busy week to say the least, so I haven’t managed to achieve everything I wanted to for this release but I have hit my plan.

I wanted to spend more time looking into the WEBM Playback issues, which is important, but I didn’t want to hold back on the other improvements available in versions .5 (which wasn’t released) and .6.

So, today Voyer version 2.1.6, the first update since release a little over a week ago, is being pushed to the Windows Store for all supported devices.

Please see the below post from the 13th to see the planed updates for this version, all of which are now complete and included.

Voyer Roadmap as at 13th Feb 2017

We hope you like the changes!

Voyer Roadmap as at 13th Feb 2017

I think this is as good a place as any to publish the roadmap for Voyer, Valley Software’s UWP 4chan app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Usual disclaimer; this roadmap is subject to change based on requests, time to name but two of many possible pressures.  It is not a guarantee or promise.

Currently in development V2.1.6.  Expected release date is February 18th 2017.

  • DONE: Updated Store Logo (it wasn’t replaced automatically)
  • DONE: it’s “4chan” not “4Chan”.
  • DONE: White Theme text not showing in POSTVIEW.
  • DONE: Add beta “vichan” support (URL replacement) using same API.
  • DONE: Added error handling around API connection.
  • DONE: Added message display in header for errors or other messages.
  • DONE: Removed zoom and pan Images from Post View.
  • DONE: Added Swipe next/previous image navigation back to Post View.
  • DONE: Added new Full Screen Image View with no header or text.
  • DONE: Added Zoom and Pan image an GIF to Full Screen Image View.
  • DONE: Changed double click/tap in Post View to navigate to full screen view.
  • DONE: Standardised Save code.
  • DONE: Added Popup Message to confirm Save is completed.
  • DONE: Added Footer that looks and works just like the Post View to Full Screen Image View, but this one shows only image posts, not all posts.
  • DONE: Make Next and Previous on Full Screen Image View only do Image Posts, not All…
  • TODO: Image Grid for Thread
  • TODO: Improve the post view text support
  • TODO: Make NSFW more obvious
  • TODO: Scroll bars not always clickable (report)
  • TODO: Add “On First Load” dialog saying hi, how to use and how to toggle NSFW boards (required due to store regulations)

Version 2.1.7 plan (late February 2017)

  • TODO: Follow post ID links in posts.  Either navigate to or preview.
  • TODO: ‘More’ option for comments in post list.
  • TODO: Add a speed slider for basic WEBM playback control until full fix is available.
  • TODO: Limit Thumbnail height to 150px in Post List.

Version 2.1.8 plan (early March 2017)

  • TODO: Add Search
  • TODO: Improve Error Handling
  • TODO: Add Share code for Posts (and threads).
  • TODO: Add Thread Favourites
  • TODO: Add Post Favourites
  • TODO: Add Clear option for Thread and Post Favourites.


Features and suggestions being investigated but not currently included in a planned release.

  • TODO: Preload Images
  • TODO: Show local price next to donation options for clearer choice
  • TODO: Look into allowing anonymous posting to 4chan from within Voyer.
  • TODO: Test on Xbox One.  It should already work but want to test before publishing.
  • TODO: Test in Holographic.  It should already work but need testing.

Voyer for 4chan released

This weekend we released Voyer, Valley Software’s new 4chan app using UWP for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile (Including Continuum).

Feedback has been extremely positive on Reddit where I advertised (for want of a better word) it’s release.

I have now doubled the size of the features under development list based on requests! So it’s all about prioritising and finding that balance between frequent smaller updates and slower but more compelling large ones.

In my next post, I’ll go through what’s on the roadmap, what’s already completed for the next version and what’s in progress.

Overall it’s been an encouraging start to see Voyer well received and that there is a desire for this kind of app in the Windows 10 ecosystem.

There is much to come for Voyer and I’m excited to see what it can become, even over just the next 3-4 weeks.


New year, new web site

With 2017 now well and truly upon us, I decided the trusty but somewhat simplistic Valley Software website could use an upgrade of its own.

So I’m happy to have spent a couple of hours in WordPress to make this version 2 site.

There will be more to fill in, like the app pages for instance!  But we are off to a good start.

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.”
Abraham Lincoln

Looking forward to more progress in the coming days.

Valley Software.