Voyer 2.3.0 release incoming

It’s a wrap!  Voyer 2.3.0 is headed into the store now.

This version has two major changes;

  1. WEBM fixed!
  2. User Interface improvements.

This UI overhaul, which utilises a slide in Hamburger menu to better use screen realestate and hide less frequently used menu’s while simultaneously giving better navigation visibility.

Let’s step through that statement.

For Mobile, the Board List used to be the first page you see.  However changing board is something rarely actually used compared to browsing threads and posts.  So it’s a fair waste to hold a whole page on it.

On Desktop, it’s a whole quarter of the screen for something rarely used!

By moving it to a Hamburger menu, it is mainly minimised.  In fact, when navigating by the board name (which are all 3 letters or less) rather than full title, you don’t need to open the menu to change board at all!

Simultaneously, it is always showing what board you are currently viewing which is great for navigation.

On top of this primary change, the lists of threads and posts are now pull down to refresh for updating and follows a well tried and tested user action.

And the other big news; WEBM is now playing on desktop as well as mobile!

You may have seen from my previous post that I actually had WEBM working some days ago, but it introduced some other issues, mainly changing the video source from one to the next didn’t work very well and it took me a few days to find a work around for that.

But now, it’s done.  This makes me very proud of version Voyer 2.3.0 and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.


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